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    Our goal is to bring you everything Fredericksburg! Although, we could go on and on about what locals love so much about this unique Texas Hill Country town, football has to be one of our favorites. Whether you already live here or you are looking to move here, you will love what Coach Lance Moffett has to say for the Battlin’ Billies!

    Hi everyone, Wes Pack with Absolute Charm Real Estate, and we’ve got a treat for you, because these are the big boys, or the big team. We have coach Lance Moffett with the Fredericksburg High School, the Battlin’ Billies going to tell you about the upcoming season.

    [Wes] Where are you guys at, is this a building season?

    [Coach] You know, gosh that’s a great question, I would say that we’re not rebuilding, but we are building. We have a good return, I think we have seven coming back on offense, most of the skill positions, two quarterbacks coming back, a running back’s coming back, a tight end’s coming back, an inside receiver, one of the outside receivers, and then three offensive linemen all coming back from the team that played last year.

    Are the majority of them seniors?

    Most of them are seniors, but there’s a couple of juniors sprinkled in there, and so you know, that part I think will be season in terms of that, I don’t think we’re rebuilding as much on offense. We’ve got to find some guys to play on the offensive line, and then defense is probably where we are rebuilding mostly. We lost four kids that played three positions of linebacker that were seniors last year, so that’s, you know those four kids are going to be really tough to replace, but we have a kid, Dax Dietrich who was in that rotation and so he played quite a bit last year and he’s already off to a good start.

    How’s it look for this season?

    You know, it looks good, it’s one game at a time. You know coaches are known for the cliches, so I’m gonna stick with that one, you know, we’ve gotta go one day at a time, one game at a time, and you know, we’re gonna try to win every single day. And so if we win today, then we’ll have a chance to win tomorrow, and you don’t really win a scrimmage, so you know, it’s hard to tell, but I like our chances. I like our chemistry, something that is noticeable about our team is that we really get along well. It’s ironic that we’re in the locker room and that’s where kind of team chemistry is, that’s where it brews, right, and so we have a really good locker room this year.

    What do you do to get that chemistry to work, because you’ve got a lot, a hundred and some odd kids?

    137 kids, there’s 42 to 44 on the varsity. So we just are very deliberate about being a family and about doing things together. We do another thing called night of champions where we bring all the upperclassmen together and they get in rooms with their coaches, and they get to know each other a little bit better. They do ice breakers where they kind of start off easy, questions to answer, and then they kind of reveal a little more difficult, little more meat to the questions, and they get to know each other a little bit better. And we come back together and kind of talk about how we’re going to treat each other and get to work, you know. It’s all about practicing.

    The whole thing is a lot of work. Right?

    It is, it’s a lot of work, our coaches put in a great deal of time, and they put in a great deal of effort, and we’ve got a great staff and we’re blessed to have 10 assistant coaches at the high school. And they just do an amazing job with these kids.

    Well, I’m going to put you on the spot.


    Here I go with another one of my questions. Looking back, or even if it’s happening recently, what have been some of the most memorable moments, you know, your guys are down by 20 or whatever you’re up, or big rivalry?

    You know, there’s three big memorable moments that probably stand out in my mind, in my tenure here. Three biggest, or two biggest, first two that come to mind, one three years ago we beat La Grange right out here on our field. They were ranked top two in the state I think. We weren’t even ranked, we were below 25 or whatever. They had the running back of Ohio State, JK Dobbins, and we just, we had a really good game plan. Our defensive coaches did a really good job and they were able to pick up some really good tendencies about the way they used JK, so we pretty much knew every play they were running.

    And so even though he was really good, and he had I think 215 yards rushing and he scored two touchdowns, he was averaging five touchdowns and 360 yards a game, so we shut him down and we were able to make it work on offense, and our staff did a great job. We opened up the game with an onside kick, and we recovered it, and then we went and scored, and it was just a game where we played above our level. And then two years before that, 2013, we played Navarro, basically from the District Championship, and we were down two points with 33 seconds left, and we got to a situation where we had to run a play, and we ran, we called it last play. We threw it to a guy, he pitched it to another guy, we ran option down the sideline, got the ball down the sideline, spiked the ball, kicked the field goal with about three seconds left on the clock to win the game, and essentially the district title. And I think everybody that has followed us will remember that. And I think the other memorable thing about that season was we lost a player the spring before that, and it was a very tragic event, and it really bonded us as a team. We had to deal with a funeral and death, and tragedy, and we really came together as a team, and we ended up that year, we were 10 and two, won the district title, and it wasn’t because of that kid. It wasn’t, it was in honor of him, or respect of him. And it really brought our team together, and you know, as a leader, I think you see those moments and those are the things that define you and your program, so those are probably the three big things that stand out in my mind.

    Well and what I think you’re doing too is you’re installing a moment in time for these kids to always look back at that they’ll always cherish, they’ll always bond, they’ll always have a friend in some way. They were always doing something at this time because of you. So what type of, I would say, thing that you always wanted, or some type of value, or some type of thoughts you hope that these boys will take with them, because they probably can’t play football for the rest of their lives. I mean, it’s so hard to get into the pros?

    Sure, you know, we’re not about football, you know, everybody in town that knows me, the parents who have gone through our program, the people in our administration, the people that know me know that it’s not about winning a football game. Of course we want to win every single football game, there’s no doubt, it’s the state of Texas, it matters, it’s big, all of that’s important. But what we’re doing is building men of integrity and empathy, that’s our purpose. We’re trying to build men who will go be successful in regard to, you know, their life. Be good husbands, be good fathers, be good employees, all those kind of things. That’s what we’re trying to do, and that’s what we’re trying to accomplish, and as long as we can do that, then, you know, we’re winners, no matter how many games we win.

    Awesome, and then there’s something else, you know, I guess this little video is gonna get the appetite and make people hungry for more, so you have a radio broadcast?

    I do, Coffee with Coach, it’s sponsored. It’s kind of funny, right. It’s sponsored by Barefoot on Main Street and, formally rebel country. We’ve been doing it, this will be our seventh year to do it. We didn’t do it the first year, but we started the second year. So it’s a good way to find out what’s going on and hear about kids. I love bragging about kids and our program, and talking about all the good stuff we have going on in Battlin’ Billies.

    Well I think speaking of programs, you’ve got an excellent program here. I think you’re doing a fantastic job, we all do, and wish you luck for the season, and appreciate you taking the time and sharing your insights on the football. And here at Fredericksburg High School the Battlin’ Billies, and good luck this season.

    Thank you so much!


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